Dates & Events

  - 2017 -

06-08 Nov:Business journey to Bergen, Norway; Deadline for registration is 4th of August 2017;
The focus of the trip is on industry-related technologies and solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. As cross-sectoral collaborations enable new, innovative solutions, participation in the journey is also possible with industry-compatible technologies and services from other areas (further event-information in the member section).
28-29 Nov:Forth bilateral industry workshop on deep-sea mining between France and Germany, Aachen-Aix-la-Chapelle/Germany
27 Sep:Second bilateral seminar on deep-sea mining between Norway and Germany, Berlin/Germany
27-29 Sep:International meeting of contractors for mining licenses with the International Seabed Authority, Berlin/Germany (for contractors only)
24-29 Sep:Underwater Mining Conference (UMC) 2017, Berlin,
Hilton / BDI (Federation of German Industries)
04 May:Meeting of the Advisory Board of the DSMA, Bauer Maschinen, Schrobenhausen
27 Apr:General Assembly of the DSMA,
13.00 – 17.00 h, Bosch Rexroth AG, Maria-Theresien-Str. 23, 97816 Lohr am Main
03-04 Apr:10th National Maritime Conference of the German government, Hamburg/Germany

  - 2016 -

09-13 Oct:45. Underwater Mining Conference (UMC), Incheon, South Korea
14-17 Jun:Joint International Conference “Minerals of the Ocean-8 & Deep-sea Minerals and Mining” (St. Petersburg/Russia)
23-24 May:5th Annual Deep Sea mining Summit Conference (London, UK)
18-19 May:First International Conference “Mining in Europe”, Aachen International Mining Symposia (Aachen/Germany)
26 Apr:Deepsea mining multi stakeholder conference (Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and Seas At Risk), Brussels/Belgium
15-16 Apr:Raw Materials Hamburg International Environmental Law Conference (Hamburg/Germany)

  - 2015 -

01-02 Dec:Forum Bergbau 4.0, RWTH Aachen (pdf (German); 102 kB)

  26 Nov: Fachtagung: Tiefseebergbau im Spannungsverhältnis von Umwelt und Entwicklung, Berlin

01-06 Nov:Underwater Mining Conference (UMC), St. Petersburg/USA
24-27 Aug:13th SGA biennial meeting on “Mineral Resources in a Sustainable World” with a specials session on marine mineral resources, Nancy/France
21-26 Jun:11th Ocean Mining & Gas Hydrates Symposium Kona, Big Island, Hawaii/USA
28-29 May:European Maritime Day, Piraeus/Greece
27-28 May:Ocean Environment Symposium of the German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), Hamburg/Germany
18-21 May:OCEANS’15 MTS/IEEE, Genoa/Italy
12-13 May:International Workshop on Processing of Marine Mineral Resources, Aachen/Germany
26 Feb:Business Offshore Conference (BOC), Hamburg/Germany
25 Feb:Joint French-German industry workshop on deep-sea mining, Hamburg/Germany
18 Feb:General Assembly of the DSMA, Bremen/Germany
09-10 Feb:3rd Annual Deep Sea Mining Summit, Aberdeen/UK

  - 2014 -

    21-28 Sep: 43rd Conference of the UMI, Lisbon, Portugal